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APS film

The manufacture of APS film has now ceased. Our stock is continually changing. Please check back regularly.

Impossible Project

The Impossible Project film is now available for the SX-70 and 600 series, both in colour and black & white.

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23rd August 2016 - Fuji Instax 210 cameras are back in stock !

FP100C Film

23rd August 2016 - we have good stocks of the Fuji FP100C instant film in both silk and glossy finish.


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Holga Buying Guide

The following guide explains the meaning of the numbers and letters used by Holga in denoting their different models.

N - The latest standard model, replacing the earlier "S".

120 - The model takes 120 roll film.

135 - The model takes 35mm film.

G - The lens used is made of glass (the default is plastic).

F - The model has a built-in flash.

CF - The model has a built-in colour flash. This can be set to white, red, blue, or yellow by means of a rotaing knob on the top of the camera body.

TLR - The model is designed as a "Twin Lens Reflex", with viewing of the image done by looking top-down into the finder.

BC - The model has "Black Corners", to promote the vignetting effect.